Prepare: 24-48 hours prior:

  • Wax and shave like normal.
  • Exfoliate w/ an oil-free exfoliant or mitt.  Don't forget your ankles, elbows, neck, and underarms.
  • Mani's and pedi's should be done at least the day prior to your session.

Day of/ During Session:

  • Bring or wear loose-fitting clothing (no leggings, jeans, heels etc) unless you are planning to add our dry-powder service.  If there is a chance of rain please bring an umbrella and dress head to toe.  
  • It is OK to do a warm water rinse at least 6 hours before your session.  Forgot to exfoliate?  Don't worry!  We carry a mitt that is made for exfoliating right before a spray tan.  Coming straight from the gym, just got a mani-pedi, had a massage?  No worries,  we have a mitt for that too :)  These mitts can be purchased for $6 at our studio right before your session.
  • It is OK to wear deodorant
  • It is OK to put on oil-free lotion the morning of your session.
  • No oils, perfumes or body sprays the day of.
  • Pack or wear dark colored undergarments or swimsuits.  Ladies 18 and older may undress to their comfort level.  Anyone under 18 must have parental consent to tan and if they grant permission to tan topless or nude it must be circled on the release form.  Please note that where there is clothing there will be tan lines and we cannot work around strapless bras/swim tops.  Another option would be an adhesive bra.

~We will provide baby wipes to take off any makeup.

After Session:

  • Continue to wear dark, loose-fitting clothing for at least 8 hours while your spray tan develops.
  • Do not get wet for at least 8 hours with our Original Spray Tan and 2-4 hours with our Rapid Spray Tan.  This includes washing hands/face, showering, swimming, working out, etc.  
  • You may sleep on your tan and shower the following morning with our Original Spray Tan.
  • Use a sulfate free body wash/soap to prolong your tan.  Pat dry with towel post-shower. Do not rub.
  • Stay hydrated and keep skin moisturized.

~Enjoy your custom spray tan!