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How Does the Emsella Work?

Similar to the EmSculpt NEO, the Emsella utilizes High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to stimulate the deep pelvic floor muscles in order to restore neuromuscular control. In the 28 minute session, there will be thousands of supra-maximal contractions delivered to your pelvic floor. A single session is equivalent to 11,200 kegals!

While the Emsella can provide many benefits to you, it is most commonly used to treat incontinence. The Emsella is a non-invasive, pain-free option for both men and women who suffer from urinary incontinence. 

Whether you have urinary control issues due to normal aging, pregnancy, menopause, or obesity, the Emsella is a great option for you. 

Emsella Treatment Area

The Emsella is FDA cleared to treat both men and women for urinary incontinence. The contractions during the treatment are targeting your pelvic floor muscles to make them stronger and give you more control. 


Results vary depending on the severity of your incontinence and are different from person to person. Many patients have seen improvement in their bladder control after just one session! The stimulation during the treatments is guaranteed to result in regained control over the pelvic floor muscles and bladder. It is recommended to do six treatment sessions, but some patients may require more. Results will continue to improve weeks after your last session, but we recommend continuing with pelvic floor exercises to maintain the strength and control! 

The Emsella has also proved to significantly improve sexual health for both men and women as well as erectile dysfunction for men. 

What our clients are saying......

"I have struggled with a weak bladder since the birth of my first child. My additional two children didn't help the issue. I had been discussing surgery options with my husband when I found out that Bronze by Design was offering the Emsella service. I jumped at the chance to use the Emsella machine once I found out. All I can say is - IT IS SOOOO WORTH IT! It has been almost ten years since I've been able to run, jump, or even skip. I've missed out on a lot of fun with my kiddos, until now. The Emsella has given me my life back and I am beyond excited! I really didn't want to have the optional surgery as I've had a lot of complications and was scared I'd have more with the surgery. I am so glad I hesitated and found this service. If you are on the fence or considering the expensive and invasive surgery options, I would urge you to try Emsella at Bronze by Design first. You won't regret it." -April R.

Treatment Details:

What you'll want to know before your first session.

  • Each session is 45 minutes (this includes time to change clothes if needed). Treatment time is 28 minutes. 

  • Treatments cannot be performed on those who are pregnant, have heart conditions or anyone with metal on or in their body.

  • Treatments attire: Clothing must not contain metal including zippers, buttons, etc. Please do not wear Lululemon or material containing metallic threads.

  • When you sign up for a package, you must do 6 sessions. Depending on your results, you can do another package or have single sessions every once in a while for "touch-ups".  Your total number of treatments is determined by the results you want to see, your requirements and goals. 

  • It is recommended to space the treatments apart by 2-5 days. 

  • There is no recovery period and no downtime.

Tell Me More...

Does Emsella really work?

The Emsella is guaranteed to improve your quality of life and restore your confidence. Studies show that 95% of Emsella patients, both men and women, have seen a significant difference in their bladder control.

What does Emsella therapy feel like?

The 28 minute session on the Emsella is completely pain free! All you do is sit in the chair, fully clothed, while the Emsella does its unique pattern of electromagnetic contractions to your pelvic floor muscles. The feeling of these contractions have been described as tolerable and comparable to tingling and slight vibration. There is no required down time for before or after a session. 

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