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Styku 3d Body Scan

Visualize Your Results With a Styku 3D Body Scan


Benefits of the Styky 3d Body Scan

Tracking fitness results isn’t always easy when all you have is a scale to measure weight. Seeing progress in live 3D imaging can help to show results quickly, easily, and painlessly. And, providing real statistics and numbers on progress that’s already been made.

How it Works

The Styku 3D Body Scan works by capturing images of the body with a lightweight, portable device. This painless, non-invasive technology takes precise measurements on circumferences, body fat percentage, bone density, posture, etc. in only 35-seconds’ time. And, pinpoints measurements with less than a 1% error. The result is a 3D image of the body with showcased percentages and numbers to allow for knowledge of precise physical measurements.







Treatment Details:

What you'll want to know before your first session.

  • Each session is 15 minutes (this includes time to change clothes). Time to scan takes less than 35 seconds.

  • Scan attire for women: form fitting clothing. Ex. sports bra/bathing suit, tank top, shorts, leggings.

  • Treatment attire for men form fitting underwear

Tell me more...

How accurate is Styku's 3D Body Scanner? 

We often get asked about how valid the Styku's measurements are in comparison to older more established methods, like a tape measure or a DEXA scanner. A study led by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center at LSU found excellent correlations to both, while also showing Styku outperformed competitive systems in all areas. 

Circumferences significantly correlated (e.g. R2=0.96 for hip) with a manual tape measure. 

Volumes are significantly correlated (e.g. R2=0.98 for the Trunk) with a DEXA and correlated (e.g. R2=0.99 for Total Volume) with Air-displacement plethysmography (ADP)

Styku outperformed both Fit3D's ProScanner and TC2's KX-16 in correlation strengths. 

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